When: 2018
Type: Coursework
Role: Lead UX Designer
Tools Used: Adobe XD & Illustrator

Microsoft Inclusive Design Challenge



Our UX class at NYU was challenged by Nick Katsivelos at Microsoft with designing a solution for exclusion in a deskless workspace. Alongside Nick and several other advisors from Microsoft we set out to solve this challenge using principles from the Microsoft Inclusive Design Toolkit. We ultimately decided on working with those on the Autism Spectrum Disorder and the challenges they face in finding and maintaining employment.


Through brainstorming sessions and user research our group designed a smartphone application. The app's main features are a job application hub, a fully-integrated calendar, a communications page, and an A.I. assistant designed after Clippy, the infamous Microsoft paper-clip assistant. All of these features work to combine the different aspects of the job search and application process with the aspects of having a job to make it easy to keep track of everything in one place. Although the app is designed to assist people with ASD, it is designed in an inclusive matter to assist anyone else who might need the features of the app.

Clickable Prototype

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