Cubic Sky

When: 2018
Type: Internship
Role: Developed Tablet Interface

Developed a tablet interface to control a light display

Cubic Sky


How could an underused lounge space in Puerto Rico’s most iconic and storied hotel be transformed into a dynamic, memorable area suitable for both daytime chill and nighttime exuberance?


Cactus worked with the hotel's creative team and local nightlife experts to conceive of a new type of lighting for hospitality spaces. A sculptural, full-ceiling chandelier was created using hundreds of individual, custom-made light boxes. Each light box is capable of creating a wide range of color and brightness individually and all are networked together and controlled with a custom tablet-based control panel interface.

During the day, subtle changes in light color and brightness create beautiful ambient patterns in the room, mimicking the passing clouds of the Caribbean right outside. During the early evening, the colors of that night's particular sunset are automatically reflected graphically in the lights and patterns on the ceiling. But the Cubic Sky really comes out at night. After hours, when the lounge area transforms into one of San Juan’s hottest clubs, the Cubic Sky is capable of creating electrifying patterns and reacting automatically to the live music below. Artists, DJs and party hosts have full control to create truly bespoke experiences for their guests and an unforgettable party environment.

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