Color Factory

When: Summer 2018
Type: Development / Installation
Role: Internship

Helped develop and deploy automated photography and CMS system

Color Factory


78% of millennials choose to spend money on a desirable experience or event over buying something desirable . And we all see anecdotally that they (we) are spending more time focused on perfecting social media posts and less time on traditional leisure activities. In this changing world, with shifting definitions of leisure and new ways broadcasting your life, how do you create “FOMO” (Fear of Missing Out)?


The Color Factory is a playland, funhouse, museum, night club, and photo studio all in one -- a series of 16 rooms with unique experiential art in each. Cactus was selected to design and build two of these rooms, the first, an interactive dance floor and the other a series of “aura” booths that generate animated images of you in different hues. Cactus also designed and built the digital registration, backend database, automated photography and CMS systems that make the Color Factory run.

Once each guest is registered, they are given a card with a individualized QR code. Then, in each sequential room, they can scan their card to capture high-quality, perfectly-framed, perfectly-lit images and animated gifs without having to rely on their phones. This turns out to be transformative for those of us who are used to having our phones attached to us all day. It allows one to put the device away and get lost in the moment — a moment that, in this case, is very playful and fun!

Link to Full Cactus Case Study