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The process of drawing out the storyboard with Issac gave us time to think about Steve Jobs and his creative process. It gave me personally a better idea of how his process affected his work. We used several different examples such as the creation of the iPhone and iPod that showed his process at work in different circumstances. I was able to spot trends among the work such as his perfectionism and holding his employees to the same standards as him. The animatic that Issac created brought all these different stories together and tied them in.

MGS response

One thing I noticed while watching the MGS documentary is how much Hideo Kojima considers the emotions of the players of his games. He thinks about how they will react to every detail and as a result each one is nearly perfect. In the field of Web Design and User Experience this consideration to detail is also very important. The users notice small details and it is those details that make a product stand out from the rest. Hideo’s fans love his games because of his attention to detail and if I do the same hopefully my users will love my work as well.

Another thing that stood out to me is Hideo’s leadership skills. He runs a fairly large team and puts them under an extreme workload. For many teams this workload would be too much and they would not be able to put out quality work. Kojima reminds his team of the end goal and what their hard work will achieve. People sometimes lose sight of what they are working towards and will lose motivation. It takes a strong willed person or a good leader in order to ensure the team sticks to it. Many of the people interviewed say the game could not be done to the level it was without Kojima. He is a perfectionist and holds his people to the same standards as himself.

The maximization of time was also a big factor into making the game great. If there was enough time to squeeze in a new feature it was added. Every bit of time available was used to fix bugs and make the game better. As someone that procrastinates this is sometimes hard to do but I feel if it is something I am truly passionate about it is not a problem. For Kojima creating the game was his passion so he was able to dedicate his life to the game. For me it will be finding a passion so I can dedicate my time to it.

Creator Assignment

“In 1982, Steve Jobs Presented an Amazingly Accurate Theory about Where Creativity Comes From.”

Good article on the creative process of Steve Jobs

“Steve Jobs: An Extraordinary Career.”

Talks about Jobs life story

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Constant Output

For the semester I wish to do a constant output for a website idea me and a friend have. It is still in the ideation phase but I hope to actually start working on it and I hope this class will push me to do so. I will post on a bi-weekly schedule as I feel this will be enough time to get enough progress to make an update about it. The schedule will be the 1st and 3rd friday of each month:

  • February 2, 2018
  • February 16, 2018
  • March 2, 2018
  • March 16, 2018
  • April 6, 2018
  • April 20, 2018

Personal Inventory

Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine

This is one of my most used items, I use it at least twice a day. Without it I would have a lot of trouble getting up in the morning. This machine has also saved me a lot of money, instead of buying a 5 dollar coffee everyday I can just make one at home for free.

My book, Sprint

This is another one of my possesions that sees use almost every day. I have recently gotten back into reading, especially on books that teach me how to do something. This book in particular is about Ideation and Prototyping so I am sure it will come in handy for this class.

Klipsch Speaker

This is a recent addition to my apartment and probably the best one. I love music and having a pair of speakers with great quality like this helps me enjoy it a lot more. The speakers are very high fidelity and I can hear things in songs that I haven't before.


Isaac Lee

From Issac's inventory I can tell he is a creative person. I can relate to him and his passion for music as I also posted a picture of my speaker. I like how he has a story behind each item and why he has a such a personal connection. While he posted things mostly about his creativity I posted things that I also just use a lot. While I like my espresso machine it is not something that I have much attachment to.

Jax Liu

I like how Jax posted a wide variety of his items that show his professional ambitions. I can tell how he likes business from his books and suits that show he is comitted to it. The time piece is nice because of the personal connection he has and the hard work he had to do to get it. I also posted a book that is related to business and I can relate to wanting to being a successful businessman. I tried to post things that were more focused on my home life rather than career.

Nic Parada

Like Nic I also love my music and cannot go anywhere without it, at home I have speakers and on the go I have earphones that I was also considering posting. I also have started wearing sunglasses a lot as I have realized that they are more than just utility. I am also looking for new pairs and my favorite are ones I got in Italy. We also share a love for our dogs and I understand how much he misses them and home. Unlike him though where I am from is less than an hour away so I get to see them often thankfully.

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