About me

Hi! I am Eric Modzelewski. I was born and raised in New York, and now live in Brooklyn.

I consider myself a Creative Technologist, as I don't particularly identify with one specific role. While I specialize in Frontend Engineering, my range of skills within a variety of domains affords me the ability to make meaningful contributions throughout all stages of product development, from conception to deployment. On a day-to-day basis, this can mean anything from helping develop wireframes, writing code, to fabricating hardware. By working at the intersection of design and technology, I can inform product decisions and push the boundaries to create the best feasible result.

Growing up, I was fascinated with computers and spent countless nights taking them apart and writing code to power them. This led me to go to school for Computer Engineering at NYU where I soon discovered my passion for the more creative applications that technology can have. After this revelation, I transferred into the Integrated Digital Media program where I began to focus not only on technology but also on design. It was at this point that I began a minor in Media, Culture, and Communication to understand the interactions of people with media and technology. I have used what I learned to build software that not only gets the job done but with great attention to detail of user experience. More recently my passions have been in the space of IoT and empowering people with powerful technology through elegant design.